The Big Bad Wolf Who Ate a Rainbow

And other bedtime tales from my son’s lair

Lisa Lau
9 min readJan 7, 2023
Dalle-2/AI art

“Mommy can you tell me a story of the Big Bad Wolf?”

“Sure, honey — the one about the Three Little Pigs?”

“No no…not that one. I want a new one.”

“A new one? I don’t think I know any new Big Bad Wolf stories.”

“Can you make up one for me?”

“Oh OK. What kind of animal would you like to see in the story?

“Um…how about the Big Bad Wolf, a turtle... and flowers!”

“Oh interesting! Let’s see what will happen in this story!”

As my son closed his eyes, I thought — what in the world will I come up with? My mind churned maniacally, desperate to grasp for any creative inspiration. I dug deep into my memory bank of my mother and popo telling me stories in Cantonese when I was a child.

Without much time to think, I saw the words from my mother tongue trickle out of my mouth and assemble themselves into a story line that I was yet to discover.

Turtle Soup

A turtle slowly shuffled along a path towards a field of flowers. From afar, the Big Bad Wolf watched the turtle inch along oh so slowly.



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